Here's a Vagina Tiara Made From Birth Control Pills

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If you want to be a princess sans purity, drop your bloomers and don this crown made of contraception — it's time to get busy! Artist Michele Pred's tiara is made of all that sparkles and all that keeps you baby-free. Unfortunately, it isn't for purchase, it's part of an exhibit that will be featured during the Art Miami VIP reception.


From the artist:

Miss Conception offers a wry commentary on 21st century sexual politics, with a focus on birth control. My outfit will include a beauty pageant dress, along with a rhinestone tiara and scepter covered in birth control pills, and an embroidered sash that reads "Miss Conception." I will engage with visitors and hand out hand-lettered cards with intriguing misconceptions about reproductive rights. I will also ask the audience to record their own gender misconceptions.

Cool! If you're in NYC on Dec 4th, from 5:30 - 8pm or on Dec. 7th from 3 - 5pm, and want to hang out with a woman covered in birth control, check it out!


When I was without health insurance, my birth control cost about $100 a month. So, while this is nice she's bring attention to whatever it is she's trying to do, the amount of money she hot glued on that tiara is probably worth more than diamonds to some women.