Here's a Reminder of Why College Can Totally Suck

We love to bemoan how lazy and entitled today's college kids are, but we're forgetting something very important: College is exhausting. Do you remember the all-nighters at the library? The deadlines that all seemed to fall on one day? Your one friend who made bank off her adderall prescription? And what about those of us who had to work jobs on top of it all? Just thinking about it is nap-inducing.


Oberlin College recently released, through their own YouTube account, a video of students expressing just how stressed out they all are. Press play and relive the nightmare.

[Oberlin College]


Punkin Skywalker

God I miss college. I didn't know what stress was until I had to work a job I hated and wanted to cry and just write a damn history paper on something I thought was interesting.

Ok so I'm a nerd and loved classes and didn't get stressed over papers.