If you are sick of "trolls and haters" or "irrelephant [sic/a joke] and depressing" content coming your way, just as there is a technology for everything, there will (maybe) be a technology for...not being bothered by those people any longer.

According to its website, FreakFence is more of an idea than an actuality. Its intent is to "prevent negative mail from interrupting your day':

The full freakfence suite and the Bannhammer technology will be developed if enough people show interest creators need your support. If you think this is a bad idea, let us know too!

There's basically no information about how it works, save that if people want it, the creators will build a platform that allows individuals to block people they dislike on Gmail, YouTube, Twitter and dating sites. Never mind that you can do that in all those individual places already: FreakFence would hypothetically let you connect all those accounts and filter out people using keywords you've selected. If it does actually get developed, it will be safe:

Freakfence and the Banhammer will be developed on a secure encrypted platform. All personal details will be securely encrypted. All data logs and scanned data will be destroyed imediately [sic] after inbox/feed scanning.

So far, FreakFence has produced limited buzz about its imminent creation. They have sent out two tweets. The first is from November; the second is from Tuesday.

They are, however, looking for people to help spread the word.

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Good with social media, contact us. Discussion on reddit. Discussion on facebook. Topics: Is this freakfence a good idea or a crap idea?

FreakFence is based out of Sydney, Australia. The domain is registered to a Joel Kim, who has registered a significant number of other domains. He owns the web design company Long Giraffe and has "worked in startups and made many many websites." If you are interested in FreakFence, you could let Kim know by clicking on "Show Interest and Sign Up for Beta" button, though that button doesn't actually take you anywhere.

It seems like FreakFence will go far.