Here's a New Trailer for the Saved By The Bell Movie

As the agonizing seconds between now and the Labor Day airdate of The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story on Lifetime tick by, there's little respite for fans who simply cannot wait to learn what really happened behind the scenes of a teen sitcom that aired two decades ago. But now — thank god — there's another trailer that shows us a little more of what we can expect from the film.

According to the new trailer, we can expect:

  • punching
  • costumes
  • hurt feelings
  • kissing
  • a giant phone
  • a distractingly miscast AC Slater
  • perms
  • youthful hope
  • geometric shapes painted pastel and/or neon colors
  • "Poison," by Bell Biv DeVoe, a song that was not released until 1990, one year after Saved By The Bell began airing

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS. It's going to be this summer's Liz & Dick.

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Are you going to do a live thread when this airs?