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Here's a Fun Bickerfest Between Omarosa and the Hosts of The View

Reality villain-turned-Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison Omarosa Manigault (I still can’t believe the words I type are real, so much so I just asked my fingers if they’re drunk) stopped by The View today, and, certain as the sun, she did not go there to make friends. Within about a minute, she started to lose patience when co-host Sunny Hostin asked too many questions to her liking at once, centered on the finding that 94 percent of black women did not vote for her boss (a person who told her, “You’re fired!” on television multiple times) Donald J. Trump.


The heat kept coming when Hostin asked Omarosa about the idea that she was just being used as “optics” by the Trump administration. “First of all, no one uses me,” corrected Omarosa, before launching into a thorough but incomplete rundown of her bio.

It went on and on. In the clip above, Joy Behar asks Omarosa what will happen if the results of the voter-fraud investigation points to Hillary Clinton’s victory. After rattling off some issues Omarosa says she’s more interested in talking about—the death toll of the Southern tornado outbreak, “families that the President talked about this week who became victims of violence because of illegal immigrants”—she says, “I’d like to continue to talk about the election, it amuses me... but the truth is we have real issues and there are real Americans that have real problems that we have to address. So you all can sit at the table and continue to talk about those things and the media...”


“He continues to talk about it!” countered Behar. Indeed. Just this morning, he was tweeting about it.

Additionally, Omarosa claimed the Women’s March “made her very proud,” while professing her hopes that the March for Life would get the same type of coverage The View gave the Women’s March (they covered it yesterday). And then she denied that Trump ever mocked a reporter with disabilities. And then when Hostin brought up the “grab her by the pussy” recording, Omarosa said, “Y’all can keep throwing this at me. I’m not gonna really fall for that.” And here I thought that if you stand for Trump, you’ll fall for anything.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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The Noble Renard

Here’s a bright clue; maybe stop bringing her on your TV shows, media. The more you give her a mouthpiece, the more shit will spew out, just like with Kellyanne Conway. And whatever happened to Katrina Pierson? I guess there could only be one asshole woman as the public face of Trump at a time.

And for the love of god, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Trump issued a statement that didn’t mention Jews, and then banned all Syrian refugees into the United States and banned all other refugees ‘temporarily.’

What Omarosa thinks about the Women’s March can, quite frankly, be ignored.

/it’s a rough week guys.