Here's a Disney Princess Collection for Adults, If That's Your Thing

Australian retailer BlackMilk just launched its Princess & Villains collection inspired by the ladies of Disney. To be clear, this is a line for adults. As in, adult humans are encouraged to wear this clothing on their bodies.

Something about this collection just And it's not the sexualization of beloved childhood characters. Oh! It's ugly. Yeah, that's it.


The leggings featuring 101 Dalmatians, The Little Mermiad and Snow White-themed prints are confusing, if not a smidge tacky. Ok, more than a smidge. A bucket. It's like someone threw a bucket of tacky on a pair of leggings.

There is this particularly upsetting skirt.


The swimsuits are the least successful items of the bunch.


In the practical sense, the two on the ends are fine, I guess. But it's the "Snow White Puff Sleeve Suit" that is downright offensive. Do you really want to be the grown lady rolling up to the beach in a puffy sleeve swimsuit?

The collection's dresses are comprised of regular dresses with supremely busy prints slapped on them. The prints range from the Cheshire Cat bad, to tolerable if you're hitting up an after hours spot at the Magic Kingdom.


I don't hate this "Mermemerald Straps Skater Dress," but with it being 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane, I can already feel myself sweating.


So where exactly does one don the Princesses & Villains collection? Comic-Con just ended. On a naughty princess vacation? Somewhere completely void of taste? Las Vegas? This really just seems like an expensive alternative to all the sexy princess costumes that pop up every Halloween.


Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the pieces are sold out or running low online. So if this is your thing, you better hop to.

Images via BlackMilk

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