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Here's a Compilation Of Your Favorite Stars' Most Embarrassing Ads

We all know that our favorite celebrities (not Kim Kardashian) had an uphill battle to get where they are today. And your probably know that many of them did some pretty crappy commercials before they were star. But have you ever seen a compilation of all of these commercials, running one after another, to provide you with maximum crinjoyemnt? Your prayers, my friend, have been answered.


World Wide Interweb, the people behind some pretty awesome viral videos, have put together a nonstop compilation of "before they were stars" ads that shows you some of your favorite celebrities like you've never seen them before (please imagine I said that with a Robin Leach voice). You like Charlie Day? Here he is in a dish detergent commercial. Think Brad Pitt is an unattainable hunk of man? Well, let's see how you feel after you've seen him in a commercial for Pringles. Bryan Cranston? Dude, is shilling for Preparation H. And don't even get me started on Tina Fey's vest. (It reminds me too much of my own.)


If you're feeling down or lonely or pretty good about today because we are like two days away from the weekend, I urge you to give this thing a spin. Who knows, maybe watching Meg Ryan yell about Whoppers is just the thing to bring a ray of sunshine into your day.

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Mark, honey. I think they forgot one.