Here We Go Again: French ELLE Beauty Editor Wears Blackface

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I just.

Fashion has a painful and embarrassing past of putting white models in blackface, and it appears some of them still haven't learned their damn lesson. The latest humiliation comes to us via ELLE France beauty editor Jeanne Deroo, who posted a picture to Instagram in which she's wearing blackface and an afro and looks like a damn fool.


Unless the black stuff on your face is some kind of fabulous mud that magically makes you less racist through a secret combination of vitamins and minerals that your face masseur forgot to take off, this is never ever acceptable.

And even then: just don't leave the house unless it's off.

I'm not sure what else there is to say, but STOP. STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP. STOP.

Stop it.


[via Fashion Bomb Daily]


Ghost of Future Kimmy Gibbler

Blackface is a distinctly American insult. It's insulting because of American minstrel shows where white people played terribly insulting caricatures of black people to make other white people laugh. This isn't the same kind of insult for a French person, it's just tacky and stupid looking.