Here it Is: The Greatest, Realest and Grossest Period Joke of All Time

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Happy Valentine's Day week! Do you have anyone to celebrate it with or will you, like my partner and me, spend the day angrily eating chocolates and wondering when true love will finally find us? If so, you might be interested in this: The most disgusting awesome period joke you've ever heard.

What does this period joke have to do with Valentine's day? Can't tell you really. All I know is that Cameron Esposito, the very popular comedian telling the joke, sent us this video from her personal email address and is very proud of it. While I am usually skeptical of people who refer to their jokes as "the greatest" of anything (including "the literal last five minutes"), I can't disagree with Esposito here. It starts around the five minute mark (the rest is funny, too) and quickly escalates from imagery of wrung-out washcloths to a pleasant discussion of what the texture of menstruation is like. I've got one word for you, and it is this: Chunks!!!!


The best part of the joke is that the disgust anyone might feel is, as Cameron says, "nothing compared to the hell we are living." So she riles everyone up with the whole chunk thing and then crashes the entire thing back down to earth by reminding her audience that many women go through this every month, so anyone who's freaked out can "fuck off." Agree.

Happy Valentine's day! Again, I don't know why this has anything to do with Valentine's day, but this is how we are marketing this joke today (the same way I somehow decided that New Year's Day was perfect for everyone to revisit the horrifying pumpkin seed story).

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Regarding periods, this is fantastic, and everyone should watch it: