Here Is Your Hoda and Kathie Lee Plastic Surgery Extravaganza Highlight Reel

This morning, the fourth hour of Today revolved around cosmetic procedures. Kathie Lee and Hoda were dressed in hospital gowns and hair-coverings. KLG got an eye lift on live TV; Hoda had her arm hair lasered off.

Notable quotables:

"I've been getting [Botox] since I was 40 years old."
"Botox is like breathing: You do it."
"It's uncomfortable, but it's not painful painful."
"Is that smoke?"
"Here's why I think plastic surgery can be a good thing: If you're worried about yourself all day long…"


In the middle of the hour, Hoda proclaimed, "I need wine."

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WTH kind of "eye lift" voodoo is that they were doing on KLG?

BTW, confession to all, I'm getting Botox for the first time tomorrow. Just the big creases where my eyebrows knit together. I know, I'm so stinking vain, but I figured I'd try it. If I don't do something they're going to be big old ugly grooves. I have ugly, ugly furrow lines. Haters gonna hate, I know.