The trailer for the upcoming season of Downton Abbey is here! Complete with allusions to scandalous secrets, cheeky Dowager Countess, and the classic general disdain for modernity!


Listen, I love Downton Abbey. I really do. The first three seasons? GOLD. But for some reason, every time my roommate and I try to watch the fourth season, we just fall asleep. It's really frustrating actually (THESE ARE MY PROBLEMS). I want to catch up and know what's going on, but we have tried three or four times and we have rewound (let's be real: clicked back) countless times. It's just not happening. One day, hopefully.

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I have the same problem. Actually by third season I was so annoyed by the anachronisms and inaccuracies (and just how long is that damn dog supposed to live anyway?!) but at least the acting was good and the set designs were gorgeous. I have attempted season 4 a few times but it just can't hold my attention.