Here Is Kesha Looking So Damn Happy in a 'True Colors' Teaser

Smell those roses, girl, you deserve this.

Kesha has posted a snippet of “True Colors”—the new song she recorded with EDM producer Zedd—to her Facebook page. The accompanying visuals depict our girl running down a path lined with rosebushes, sometimes stopping for a sensual sniff. She looks gorgeous and so, so happy.


That’s one for the fireplace mantel.

While it’s delightful to see Kesha back in the studio, producing such assertive, celebratory material, the contract binding her to alleged abuser Dr. Luke holds fast. A judge tossed the appeal, with the bewilderingly terrible remark that “every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime.” At least Dr. Luke does not need to be present every time Kesha records — thus this new collaboration.


On Thursday evening, Kesha announced the single’s imminent release on Twitter, emphasizing its emotional importance to her.


Kesha debuted “True Colors” together with Zedd at Coachella earlier this month, and the song will be released tomorrow, April 29.

Screengrabs via Facebook and Twitter.

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