Here is Joe Manganiello Teaching Conan O'Brien Some Stripper Moves

Illustration for article titled Here is Joe Manganiello Teaching Conan OBrien Some Stripper Moves

On Tuesday, official sexiest man alive stopped by Conan to show off some sexy stripper moves.


Your boyfriend Sofia Vergara's boyfriend Manganiello pulled out his Big Dick Richie moves (PHRASING) from "Magic Mike" to teach host Conan O'Brien. He suggested "Big Red" as O'Brien's stripper name, which is the absolute best most perfect name for a tall, Irish male stripper. That's it. Shut the Internet tubes down for the rest of the night so you can be alone with this video. I gave you your Christmas present early this year. So please don't forget my birthday next month.

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I think I got the hang of it.