Here Is Exactly How FedEx Will Ruin Your Christmas

Have you been waiting anxiously for a package that never arrived? Are you angry at a friend who claimed they "mailed, like something special" but the special thing was never delivered? It's possible that your presents weren't stolen or fictional, they were just dumped off a Fedex truck going the speed limit on the highway.

The above video, shot earlier this week in Colorado, depicts the worst fear of anyone who's ever sent a gift: a truck, loaded to the brim with packages just spilling everything anyone has ever wanted out onto the road. Presents whizzing by everywhere, being flattened by passing motorists.


FedEx claims only five packages were lost, but the driver who taped the entire thing said he saw a lot more, including one he drove by on his way back, picked up and dropped off at FedEx himself. After calling the recipient, of course. He also hoped no one got fired, because we all make mistakes.

Image via Shutterstock

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