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Here Is a Way to Test and See If Bigger Boobs Are for You

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Because breast implants are a BIG commitment [winks; pats self on back], some doctors are using saline injections to let women enjoy temporarily larger breasts without having to do something radical like experience the miracle of birth.


According to the New York Times, a saline solution boob job costs $3,500 (which, FYI, is not much less than a regular boob job), lasts 24 hours and is legal in the U.S. (More permanent fillers for the breasts are, like many exciting but controversial plastic surgery treatments, available in some countries overseas.) The saline – read: salt water – is eventually absorbed into the body from the breast tissue.

There doesn't seem to be a real side effect to this experimentation, except that you're $3,500 poorer and the skin on your breasts can stretch out if you do it too much. In fact, saline is used in breast reconstructions and for um, sexual stimulation? Truly, saline is "about as safe as one could expect," one doctor told Yahoo Health. Cool.


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Boobs for one night? Can we please please please start referring to this procedure as "Cinderella Tits"?