Here is a Remake of the Downton Abbey Intro, Starring Cats

If there's one thing Downton Abbey could definitely use, it's more cats. It's not like Mrs. Patmore is chasing the mice out of her storeroom all by her lonesome.


Fortunately, the Internet has obliged with "Downton Tabby," a shot-for-shot remake of the show's intro—with cats. Many, many cats! Cats chilling in the drapes, trying to eat a feather duster, padding down the stairs, and, of course, napping.

The video is the work of Pets Alive, a no-kill shelter located in Middletown, New York. All featured felines are adoptable and, unlike cast members of the real Downton Abbey, will not cruelly abandon you for careers in the movies.


Brilliant. Might I add:

Lady Edith: