Here Is a Handful of Terrible Things Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Has Reportedly Done

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Donald Trump’s campaign reeks of hostile scumminess, which is likely due to the fact that it is staffed by hostile scum.


On Monday, following the circulation of a video that appears to show Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski yanking a protestor down by the collar, BuzzFeed published an article detailing several other instances of Lewandowski’s physical and verbal aggression from a variety of sources who have worked with him. These include:

  • Physically pushing CNN reporter Noah Gray away from Trump during a press scrum.
  • Drinking heavily and loudly threatening someone on the phone at a New York restaurant.
  • Calling female reporters, perhaps while intoxicated, to hit on them.
  • Hip-checking Jeb Bush’s campaign manager Tim Miller, who was, in all fairness, being purposefully irritating in a press scrum.

When BuzzFeed asked for comment, Lewandowski said, “Your story is factually inaccurate... Be sure before you accuse me of something it’s accurate. And, in these instances, you are wrong.”

Last week, Politico ran an article after speaking with over 20 sources who have worked with Lewandowski, also reporting a history of being “rough with reporters and sexually suggestive with female journalists, while profanely berating conservative officials and co-workers he deemed to be challenging his authority.” One reporter called Lewandowski’s vulgar comments “completely inappropriate in a professional setting.”

According to the report, a group of Trump staffers planned to deliver a letter to Trump via his security head Keith Schiller, outlining their concerns about Lewandowski. That plan was scrapped after he won in the South Carolina and Nevada primaries—they didn’t think he would budge after so much success.

The Trump campaign is currently ignoring the recent assault charges filed against Lewandowski, after he allegedly grabbed Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields and pulled her to the ground. Following Breitbart’s decision to remain supportive of the campaign, regardless of what its employees probably did to Fields, several high-ranking Breitbart staff members offered their resignation.


Of course, these revelations will likely not affect Trump’s campaign at all, because he is figurative rubber, and also literal rubber.

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