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Here Is a Close-Up of Blac Chyna's Huge Engagement Ring From Rob Kardashian

Illustration for article titled Here Is a Close-Up of Blac Chynas Huge Engagement Ring From Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna is set to become the only Mrs. Kardashian and her future husband celebrated the occasion by purchasing a giant diamond that will probably make the family proud—even as they struggle to understand what their carefully planned world has become.


Blac Chyna provided a closer look at the iceberg she’ll be lugging around following the news this morning that she and Rob Kardashian are engaged to be married.


The ring reportedly set Rob-O back $325,000, according to TMZ, and as some have noticed, it bears a rather close resemble to Blac Chyna’s future sister-in-law’s engagement ring.

Sounds like Blac Chyna already has a lot in common with her ex-best friend/new sister!

Assuming Rob and Blac go through with this (which dear god above I hope so) I deeply hope that Blac Chyna changes her last name to Kardashian and starts branding all her business ventures with that moniker because there’s got to be some justice in this crazy world.


Images via Blac Chyna’s Instagram.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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I am rooting so hard for them. Also just think about how hot Blac Chyna and amber rose are gonna look at this wedding.