"Here At The Hospital, We've Seen Women Who Have Stopped Living"

Anderson Cooper turned up on last night's 60 Minutes with a disturbing report about the Congolese civil war, specifically, the epidemic of violence against women in the form of almost unimaginable rape and torture. (Guns and knives in women's vaginas, people.) Although the epidemic of assaults is old news for some, there were disturbing new details, namely, that more and more civilians are committing the crime and that Congolese officials care so little about the problem that few cases ever go to court. In his report, Cooper interviewed 24-year-old Lucienne M'Maroyhi, putting a face to the hundreds of thousands of Congolese women who have been assaulted, and interviewed Dr. Denis Mukwege, who (despite his simplistic description of rape as "sex as a weapon"), does an admirable job helping to heal the physical and emotional wounds suffered by the women in his care. Clip above.

War Against Women, Anderson Cooper Reports On the Use Of Rape As A Weapon [CBS News]
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I really can't comment on this because I'm too emotionally shaken up by this. On a lighter note, I'm all about Anderson Cooper.