Here Are Your Sexy Frozen-Inspired Halloween Costumes

For those of you who are into this kind of thing, sexy Halloween costumes inspired by the children's film, Frozen, are now available for purchase.

The costume site Yandy has got all Disneyphiles who like it a little dirty covered with four looks.


We have the Ice Girl Costume, which presumably and paradoxically comes in women's sizes.

The Norwegian Maiden Costume—stockings not included—which is funny because they're really the only thing that takes this look from a Little Red Riding Hood who discovered a new color palette to "sexxxy."


You can be the Blue Snow Maiden and perhaps find a second use for the costume if you participate in local beauty pageants.


And, of course, we have the Funny Snowman Costume which is what all the children will call you when they see you out trick or treating in this.


It feels like literally everything is turned into a sexy halloween costume these days, so really, this was inevitable. The costumes are perfect if you have a child-themed adult Halloween party to attend or if you'd like to speed that whole "watching your kids grow up" process.

To their credit, Yandy exercised quite a bit of self control because these could have been way worse. If you're a fan of Frozen and no longer fit in children's sizes, these might be a good option for you.


However, when it comes to sexy Halloween costumes, I have four rules:

1) Don't be a sexy inanimate object because that's just stupid

2) Don't feel like Halloween is the only night of the year that you can rock a sexy and possibly inappropriate outfit


3) Don't be racist or culturally insensitive (also applicable to all Halloween costumes and life)

4) Don't be this


Images via Yandy; h/t Decider

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