Shane is allegedly (allegedly) a Walmart deli worker with a penchant for pranks. These series of notes, which popped up on imgur last night are reported to be left by his frustrated (yet very lenient) managers, who are both frustrated with and clearly in love with the little scamp.

The notes, which detail Shane's pranks (from giving customers directions to other stores to offering extended warranties for chicken) speak not just to the ways in which etail workers must find some fun in the work that they do (I once made a puppet out of the leather jacket from a special edition Grease DVD and called him Jacques. He talked to customers. He was not a nice puppet), but how managers issue reprimands to their employees, especially at places like Walmart, where fun might be a little harder to come by and making the work day pass quickly might be a top priority.

I'm going to be honest with you, it's possible that the prankster being reprimanded in these notes is writing them himself. However, as someone who has had the good fortune of working directly with customers in a retail setting, I have also received my fair share of missives that tell me what to do and what not to do after some of my most hilarious interactions. My notes, however, came on post-its and once included the strange directive to "not ask customers how they're doing anymore. Several have complained that your tone is unfriendly and somewhat accusatory."

Images via Imgur