Help Wanted: Be The Jezebel High School Correspondent!

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Did you just get home from school? Or would you have just gotten home from school if you hadn't um, had to leave early for a doctor's appointment? (Ha ha, do you realize how funny the idea of using a "doctor's appointment" as an excuse will seem when you are old and uninsured? Don't worry, there's always "food poisoning." That means you're still drunk from the night before, in case you ever go into management and need to lay people off. Anyhow.) Jezebel is seeking a high school correspondent to write about everything from college essays to Shakespeare to bipolar disorder to fake IDs to all the other crap that we hear high school kids are doing these days that no one ever did when we were in high school, like orgies or whatever.

More than anything, we are interested in the typse of stories that people are afraid to talk about in high school. Sometimes in our compulsive confessionalism, we forget those stories still exist.
Anyway, we don't care who or where you are; we're just looking for someone who is a good observer and can write without showing off or trying to sound cooler than he or she actually is and someone who doesn't babble on and on like I do. It is probably also good if you do not see yourself running for political office of any sort. Interested underagers should email 300-600 words about themselves and their interests to, and if you know any teens, or know of any teens, who might be ideal, please pass this on to them as well. Thanks!

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@k.leigh.8: Here's my questions, how on earth does a high schooler pay for coke?! I remember buying single joints at $3 and I thought I was being ripped off (turns out having your bff's bf as a dealer is a GOOD deal). What do they do, buy a bump?!