Help Us Understand What's Happening in This Kylie Jenner Promotional Lip Gloss Music Video

This is a music video starring Kylie Jenner, titled “Glosses,” aka a promotional vehicle for her forthcoming line of lip glosses, which will follow-up her already popular Lip Kit collection.

The various gloss shades have been given names like “So Cute,” “Like” and “Literally” and might be available on April 1. Onto more important matters, though—what’s happening in this video? There’s some kind of Spring Breakers-style caper involving Kylie and her girls, plus a bunch of lip-gloss application throughout to promote her line.

The video is directed by Colin Tilley, who’s done remarkable visuals, including Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright,” so this is...interesting. The beat is cool? But the vocals, while not horrific, sound incredibly processed.


People tries to assess:

In what might be the most dramatic (and confusing) music video we’ve ever watched, Kylie drives down a dirt road in her Rolls Royce and Louis Vuitton head scarf. When she arrives at her destination, she whips out her latest launch — a baby pink lip gloss. In fact it’s so new, that the factory proof sticker is still wrapped around the base. After her pout is prepped, she cues her friends, via a “gametime” text, to raid what looks to be a modern-day western drug bust. The crew, or krew, flees with the cash, and we’re left to wonder what’s to come.

They also suggest the video could be an early April Fool’s prank, although it’s doubtful that the Kardashian-Jenners have it in them to create a fake moneymaking venture.

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Like, Literally... What did I just watch?

And why did I just watch it?

Why did they throw the money away?!?

Is it symbolism? About our money and her gloss?