Help Philadelphia Refute Its "Ugliest City" Title

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Remember how Philadelphia was named "The Ugliest City" in some internet poll and then Gawker asked a whole bunch of anonymous ex-Philadelphians whether it was true and they basically said "yes" save for a lone anonymous dissenter who shall remain anonymous? Well, Philly is trying desperately to change its image, to the point that the local newspaper has asked locals to send in photos attesting to their own hotness, and looking through them, errrr, well. Anyway, not that I have a soft spot for the shithole or anything, but in the interest of facing the truth I started cruising my old Myspace Philly circle nostalgically just now and very quickly arrived on this duo, a pair of guys who sort of encapsulate the local specialty: overeducated, underemployed self-motivated slacker, hater-with-a-heart-of-gold types.

Don't get me wrong, they could both use dental insurance and a new Medici family, and Philippe could probably stand to lose some of the tattoos, and my understanding is that Jayson likes to travel north to expand his, uh, whorizons — but dude, there are a lot of cute people in that town! (Not that we believe um, geographic regions should ever be judged by such superficial factors; that would totally be against everything we stand for.) But this is about civic pride. Don't let them embarrass themselves! If you are even tangentially related to anyone in Philly, help out and send a flattering picture of yourself.


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Barry Petchesky

I did my time in Philly (a 4-year sentence at Temple) and honestly, I couldn't wait to show this survey to everyone I went to school with - because I have been telling them the same thing for years.

Alright, maybe North Philly skews toward the ugly, but I don't think it's a coincidence the most attractive person I hooked up with when I was there was from Nebraska.