Hell's Kitchen

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Meet the 'gastrosexual.' Yeah, it's a guy who cooks, a phenom apparently helped along by recent spates of male celeb chefs (cause, you know, there were no male chefs in history before Jamie Oliver.) "Men having the ability to cook is also now a key factor in attracting women along with salary, status, personality and appearance, according to new research." (Translation: apparently we like yuppies.) Not shockingly, this interest in the domestic hasn't extended to the non-fun parts of housework; cleaning and laundry are still "dominated by women." Also, unlike the women who actually have to, you know, prepare three meals a day, seven days a week, the gastrosexual considers cooking " a hobby and not a chore, compared with only 40 per cent of women." [Daily Mail]


Stranger Bird

My husband is a chef and also does most of our cooking. From his point of view it's because I'm a bad cook, which is totally not true, as my family could tell you. He just happened to have met me when I had been living on my own for a couple of years and got into the habit of not being arsed making a full dinner for just myself. But it works out, ending up as another bit of housework we trade off on. Also, it's really sexy to watch him chop and saute and be all talented in the kitchen. (However, as someone else said, the kitchen is an appalling mess when he's done. I have to remind him I'm not his prep sometimes)