Hell's Belles: MTV Looks At The Lives Of Young Southern Women

This weekend, MTV aired a documentary about "Southern belles" that kind of freaked out this Northeastern Jezebel. It's shocking that, in 2008, educated women feel like old maids at 24 years old, yet refuse to ask men out on dates. Such is the case with Leigh Ann, who says her greatest fear in life is becoming a crazy old cat lady (despite the fact that she already seems to be one). It's also shocking that an 18-year-old girl like Raini could use so much hairspray and wear so much makeup and fuddy duddy outfits that she looks closer to 50 than 20. Clip above.


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@hamburgerhotdog: Not always. But there are a lot of local places in MS where you can BYOB. But usually only beer or wine. One of my best friends owns a pizza parlor in Jackson, MS (where I grew up) and his place has this rule. You can beer or wine there or you can just bring your own! It kinda rocks, actually.

Also, by the way, I am from Mississippi, 23, unmarried, and not at all like this. Not. At. All. Although I know quite a few of these girls. They're called DG's. (JK! sort of.)