Hell's Belles

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An 86-year-old woman, Elizabeth Maropoulos, was walking home from church on Sunday morning in her NYC neighborhood when she was accosted by a mugger half her age. Instead of just turning her purse over to him, she attacked back, "Once I realized he was coming after me, I went kick, kick!" she said. "I wasn't scared." The assailant, 44-year-old Earl Wearing, did manage to knock Maropoulos down and get her purse, but was nabbed soon afterwards and arrested. Apparently Maropoulos has a rep in her 'hood for being someone not to be fucked with. A bartender in her local bar said, "She's taken swings at [troublemakers] and chased them with a broom. She's out there at night directing traffic and bouncing." [NY Post]



Awesome awesome awesome. I cannot wait until my beating up someone half my age is viewed with awe rather than bullying. At 25, I don't think hitting a 12 1/2 year old is particularly admirable.