Hello, I Am in Love

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Everyone, meet my new girlfriend, Daisy Ridley, as she makes my heart swell while performing light saber combat moves with a wooden stick. (Carly Rae Jepsen, I am very sad that you had to find out about it this way.)

In a post made to her Facebook account on April 25, the Star Wars actor/resident BAMF uploaded a video of herself doing a little bit of light Jedi training—all after escorting a bearded Mark Hamill to wherever he needed to go, because she has the strength of 7 million Yodas and is also my new girlfriend, don’t you know.

The caption of the photo gave a shout-out to her trainer, Liang Yang, as well as his stunt company, because she is a modest gentlewoman and a scholar:

“So @liangstunts (TRAITOR) is WUSHU FRICKING MASTER and I always try to get him to teach me things... This was today!!! Obvs not great but HE’S amazing and he’s also featured at the end our stunt team are the most incredible group of people, so lucky I get to train with them!”


If that balletic jump didn’t make you swoon, do you have a pulse?

tl;dr: Feminist icon-in-the-making + cool light saber moves = hi, I’m in love.

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She is adorable.

In other news, I am eating pez. So, yeah.