Hell No, Popozao!

So Kevin Federline, in his new incarnation of father of the year, is seeking an emergency custody hearing to wrest control of the money children now that his estranged wife has gone a bit mad.


Jeez Britney, pull yourself together girl! Things have come to a pretty pass when that wastrel spongeing walking spermbank manages to seize the moral high-ground.

Meanwhile, over at paparazzi agency X17's online blog, they're reporting that Britney went to Kevin's house last night, but there was no answer, so she HAD THE NERVE to take out her frustration on the nearest defenceless target:

"Britney went, with her assistant, to Kevin's San Fernando Valley house, buzzed the intercom, and got no answer. She went around the block, came back, rang again, no answer. She tried a third time — no reply from Kevin. Britney then took her anger out on our photographers, grabbing an umbrella and hitting their car, yelling."


But luckily, those poor little paparrazi lambs don't bear grudges. Indeed, in a breathtaking display of rank, nay, putrid hypocrisy, the conveniently anonymous X17 blogger wants us to know that she really feels all that pain that she's causing Britney to be in:

"Listen, I'm a mother of two and I understand Britney's pain right now. Whatever her mistakes, it must be horrible not to be able to see your own children. But more than any sympathy I feel for Brit, I feel sad for her two children. I hope after all of this ugliness, something good will come for those kids.

And we hope after all of this ugliness that something like a pickaxe will come smashing into your head.

Hey everyone, meet St Kevin! [NY Daily News]
Complete bunch of shits prove that irony truly is dead [X17]

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