Hell Hath No Fury Like a Lindsay Lohan Scorned

The established formula of each episode of Lindsay—Lohan's docu-seris airing on OWN—is that she encounters an obstacle in her life, and instead of taking steps to remove it, she stands there and makes excuses for why she can't. In last night's installment, she's confronted with her stalled acting career, which she blames entirely on her manager Evan Hainey, who she says doesn't work hard enough for her. She doesn't begin to acknowledge the true reasons why Hainey doesn't treat her as a priority client.

It began when Linds sat down to strategize with her life coach (which is different from her sobriety coach, who, at this point had already high-tailed it back to L.A. after basically confirming to the documentary crew that Lindsay is no longer sober). Lindsay expresses frustration that she still hasn't been given a meeting with anybody who works in her agency's New York office. Her life coach tries really hard to get Lindsay to have breakthrough moment.

"Why do you think you're not hearing from them?" she asks.

The correct answer would've probably been something along the lines of, "Oh, well, I've been sort of a nightmare client in the eight years since they've signed me. I haven't had a single hit. I've been problematic on various sets. I've been to rehab six times. I've been arrested more times than I can count. My manager tried to get me help, but I refused."


Instead she said, "Because they don't care. They have their breadwinners and I'm not that to them, and they're not willing to fight for me to be that."

She complained that her manager merely sent her a text telling her that she didn't get the part she wanted in the Avengers sequel. Lindsay seems to believe that it's just a matter of her manager arguing on her behalf, when it could really be a number of things. Maybe Joss Whedon just doesn't think she's right for the part. Maybe her manager didn't want to ruffle feathers on behalf of someone he can't vouch for. Maybe she hasn't proven her professionalism and sobriety yet. Maybe in order to do that she should do some indie films or a play or a TV role first instead of jumping right into a big-budget superhero movie. Maybe she needs to wake up before 4 pm when shooting her own reality show.


In the next episode she starts drinking again. Her mom tells on her to her life coach, and then Lindsay finally admits to it on camera.

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see you in rach-hell only comments on tswift now

How does her mind even work? I don't understand people who convince themselves everything is someone else's fault. I'm not being snarky—I just don't. under. stand.