Helena Bonham Carter Really Likes Her Personal Space

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The Sweeney Todd press machine may have petered out in the US, but it is going strong in the UK, where the film has yet to be released. And today's Guardian features an entertaining interview with Sweeney star Helena Bonham Carter, who is quick to point out that her personal relationship with the film's director, Tim Burton doesn't equal nepotism: "'I really do have to be righter than right before Tim lets me do a part. Sexual favours don't get me anything....It's inverted favouritism. Or maybe just sadism. Whatever the opposite of favouritism is." Still, there seems to be something very normal (and dare we say healthy?) about their work relationship: They fight like any good couple would!

There's no pretence with us, you see....'Well, [Burton] was all [during the making of Sweeney]: (growls) How difficult is it to come through the door and cover that spot!' And I'd be (whines): 'I've got wool in my head because I'm fucking pregnant, and there's blood everywhere and I didn't see it, all right?' And all I get is: "Action!"


Bonham Carter also dishes on the couple's famous separate-but-equal, 2-home living arrangement:

We haven't got a passageway [connecting the two homes] - we've just got a room ...between the two. And to me it makes complete sense: if you've got some money, and you can afford it, why not have your own space? It really is a great idea. You never have to compromise emotionally or feel invaded....I'm surprised when people find it weird, to be honest. It's not even that separate, really - it just looks like a quite big, strange house. And there's a sense of choice about things - you see each other when you want to.

With a gig like this, even we could see the perks of cohabitation!

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Jenna Sauers

I like the idea of separate-but-connected dwellings, except I worry about the resources used to heat, bring water to, pipe gas to, etc, two homes when one could do. Are there carbon offsets enough to slake my thirst for independence?