Helen Thomas On Doing The Right Thing, Gay Marriage

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Funny or Die's Uncle Sam interviews the awesome long-time White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who explains with her infinite wisdom what America is doing wrong and reveals her favorite president (Kennedy, natch). Watch it here: [Funny or Die]

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That was fantastic. I love Helen Thomas, and I particularly loved her reaction to the gay marriage question. "Allow? Why should you have the power to allow or deny anything that has nothing to do with you?"

It reminded me of how I always get pissed off when people say that women were eventually "granted" the right to vote. I would argue that the right wasn't "granted," but, finally, after a long struggle, "acknowledged."

Same goes here. The right exists; the question is whether people will continue to refuse to recognize it. Maybe that's a semantic question, and maybe I'm not correct from a legal perspective - but it's a peeve anyway.