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Helen Mirren recently explained that part of the reason she never wanted children is that the mere thought of childbirth makes her want to vomit. Offensive to some, for sure, but surprising? Not really. A new study being published in the November issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family reaches the conclusion that men are more upset than women by the prospect of never procreating. Women, it seems, feel that not having children is "one possible life path whether chosen or shaped by circumstances" whereas men "tend to think that is what you do in life. You grow up and have a baby".


Furthermore, the study reports that women, more than men, understand that having a baby isn't all fun and games: "Other studies have documented that men tend to experience pretty strong economic and social rewards from being a dad, whereas women experience more of the pressures and more of the demands of the immediate day-to-day reality of parenting and juggling work." Or as Dr. Irene Goldenberg, a psychologist at UCLA, puts it: "People [used to] say that women care more [about children]" whereas the reality is just that women know the costs more. [T]he smarter you are, the more you know about the costs."
Adds psychologist Barry Ginsberg: "For a man, the loss of having a family and carrying on the gene pool makes men helpless, because they can't give birth. [From an] evolutionary standpoint, men would go around impregnating all the women they could find." Conclusion? Women: Smart. Men: Horny.

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