Helen Gurley Brown, former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief and a walking billboard for extended lifespan through calorie restriction, is the latest subject to tackle Vanity Fair magazine's Proust Questionnaire. In the most recent issue of the magazine, the scary-skinny, bobble-headed Cosmo Girl (she reportedly continues to oversee 59 international editions of the magazine) proves that she's still at it with the body-dysmorphia. When asked by Vanity Fair what she most dislikes about her appearance, Brown โ€” whose 1962 bestseller Sex And The Single Girl schooled women on matters pertaining to everything from bedroom romps to beauty ("keep an almost bare cupboard") โ€” answered "My fat tummy".

And then this, just 4 questions later:

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I'd get my tummy to be flat again.


Ugh - is she really still worrying about a fucking paunch 15 years shy of her centennial? Then again, maybe we're being a little too judgmental. After all, Ms. Brown is said to have freed women sexually, making blowjobs mainstream before they were, well, mainstream... and now all the liberated 13-year-old girls are giving them!

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