Heidi & Spencer Stage Intervention For Holly Montag

On last night's The Hills, Heidi's sister Holly got drunk at an art opening and then did the robot-dance, embarrassing friends and family alike. Heidi and Spencer stepped in to confront Holly about her "problem."

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BTW, Tom Green doesn't warrant an identifying caption on MTV anymore? The least they could've done was put something Hills-y there like, "Tom, Brent's Friend."

At the intervention, Holly ordered herself a giant margarita on the rocks. Can you blame her? Besides, I still think that Spencer was the most embarrassing person at that party, considering his hat. However, I do think he's being incredibly nice and understanding here, and actually is making some sense.

Next week on The Hills, Jayde reveals her Canadian roots.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

If I were at that party, I'd be at least as drunk as Holly and dancing at least twice as robotically. #thehillshollydrunk