Heidi Pratt Is In The Hospital; Treated Like "War Criminal" By NBC

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In an interview with Radar, Stephanie Pratt speaks about I'm a Celebrity…, saying, "NBC went a little too far to punish [Heidi and Spencer] for their little publicity stunt," adding that Heidi is on an IV in a hospital.


She went on to say that "they're being treated like terrorists or war criminals. It's really sad what NBC did."

When I'm a Celebrity… last aired on Thursday, the Pratts had returned to the jungle, but were required to spend the night in a dark room with rats, bugs, snakes, bats, and eel slime, in order to win back the right to return to the show after staging a bunch of walkouts. Apparently things didn't go well. Reportedly, Holly Montag—Heidi's sister—was en route to Costa Rica last week to take the couple's place, and according to the Pratt and Montag families, she will indeed become a part of the show this week.

Stephanie Pratt Knocks NBC For "War Criminal Treatment" Of Speidi [Radar]

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Also, the reason they are saying Heidi is in the hospital is because of an ulcer. You don't get an ulcer in a week. You don't get an ulcer from snakes and bugs. Or the rainforest. Or rice and beans.