Heidi Montag Will Marry Spencer In A Style Of Her Own Design

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  • "Designer" Heidi Montag to design own dress for "wedding" to "fiance" Spencer Pratt. How much cleavage will she show? [Just Jared]
  • Further evidence that Project Runway's going down the tubes: LiLo's gonna guest-judge on Lifetime. [NY Mag]
  • Dolce & Gabbana make bff Naomi "Siddhartha" Campbell their official muse. [Mail on Sunday]
  • WTF? Why is Juliette Lewis walking in Milan? Granted, for a label called "Miss Bikini Luxe." [WWD]
  • Cavalli, watch your back: Paris Hilton's latest line has hit Milan. Apparently it featured "baby pink, dog print T-shirts and sequins." [Daily Mail]
  • Milan shows open with a plus-size line! We love Italy. [Telegraph]
  • Even though they just bought a huge stake in Narciso Rodriguez, like, yesterday, now Liz Claiborne hates them and they're apparently parting ways. Short version. [WWD]
  • OMG! Simon Doonan's memoirs about growing up stylish in a dysfunctional family are being turned into a BBC series! [Independent]
  • Looks like fast fashion is over. [IHT]
  • Project Runway finalist Jillian is Team Leanne FTW. [NY Mag]
  • Model Jodie Kidd rebounds after that unfortunate drug sting. "She's in love too, with mature student Thomas George, which perhaps accounts for the glow currently illuminating those famous features." [Daily Mail]
  • European shoemakers rebel against EU duties. [Reuters]
  • Australia calls for "urgent development of a new national sizing standard." Maybe they have Banana Republic over there, too? [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Agyness in V: "The stunning set of black and white shots, that appear to take an almost anti-fashion stance, portray a topless Agyness in nothing more than a string of pearls, classic black underwear and a nude leotard." "Anti-fashion" meaning, "anti-clothes"...? [Daily Mail]
  • Five years after the trend, Juicy Couture finally introduces a plus-size line. [The Budget Fashionista]
  • Frustrated by frumpy Capitol Hill looks and gaping blouses, a lobbyist turns to fashion. [NPR]
  • We've expressed our distaste for NY Times fashion writer Cathy Horyn before. Here she is on Milan: "Andre Leon Talley and Michael Roberts wanted to show me their outfits as soon as I'd said hello to Roberto Rimondi and Tommaso Aquilano. Andre and Michael each flashed open his overcoat to show they were wearing matching gray sweat shorts and a sort of grayish polo shirt. Andre's luggage (I can't imagine how many pieces that means) hadn't arrived and he demanded fashion solidarity from Michael." [NY Times]
  • We have expressed our love for the absurd Roberto Cavallli. Here he is on his recession-era fashion line: "The story of a trip that started in the colonial day and has yet to be finished." [FT]
  • Nestle unveils a "beauty drink." Quik-flavored?! [Cosmetic News]
  • Even in tough economic climes, luxury "pioneers" must embrace risky markets. [IHT]
  • MAC suggests makeup looks for Palin, Michelle, Cindy. Um, thx? [Beauty Snob]
  • Mohammed Al Fayed's daughter Jasmine is a hot young designer at Harrods. But doesn't her dad own the store? [Independent]
  • Italy finally embraces online sales. [IHT]
  • Metrosexuals have evolved into creepy fashionistos. Allegedly. [Daily Mail]
  • So I guess someone will buy model Jamie Strachan's men's jewelry line. [VogueUK]


I just realized that Heidi has fake boobs and Spencer is a fake boob and together they are quite a pair. If that doesn't say "made for each other" I don't know what does?