Famously fake-breasted Maxim cover girl Heidi Montag from The Hills was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote the magazine's February issue, as well as her single, which drops on iTunes on February 5. Apparently she co-wrote the song, which she describes as "really a piece of me", adding "it's about how you can't hold grudges. You can't waste your time looking back on the past and dwelling over things." Riiiiight. Because writing a thinly veiled song about your former best friend whom you love talking about in magazines, and on radio late night talk show interviews is really looking toward the future! Anyway, we're sure Lauren will be happy to hear that Heidi prays for her regularly. (What does that even mean? And do reality television fame whores living L.A. really pray for people? That shit's about as fake as her show!)