Heidi Montag Gets Fake Fired From Her Fake Job

We thought that Heidi was through with her fake job at Bolthouse when, at the end of last season, Spencer showed up in Las Vegas to pretend to sweep her off her feet and take her back to L.A. So we were confused when she showed up back in the office this season, where Spencer would pretend to interrupt her during her fake work day to complain about things and sulk in his car. On last night's episode of The Hills, Heidi pretended to get wasted at an event, and then her boss Brent pretended to care about it, and then pretended to fire her. In the clip above, watch how she doesn't even have to clean out her desk or office, because nothing's there.



lolz @ how it went from "drinking at the event" with the co-worker to "visibly drunk" with heidi.

I can't have you LOOK intoxicated... so handle your liquor bet... uh... you're fired.