Heidi Fleiss' Gender—Not Her Record—Is Keeping Her From Opening That Stud Farm

I have been dying for infamous madam Heidi Fleiss to finally open her Stud Farm — a legalized brothel in Nevada with a stable of men servicing women — since she first announced it a couple years ago. While I'm not entirely sure how lucrative of a business it would be, it'd certainly be interesting as a social experiment. The assumption is that the date of her grand opening keeps getting pushed back further and further because of criminal record, or her history of tax evasion, but, as the HBO documentary Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal showed last night, it seems that the people in the town of Crystal, Nevada are pissed that Heidi was able to buy up 60 acres of land at an incredibly cheap rate. (They also are suspicious of her motives, because they think that no one would possibly make any money off of selling sex to women.) Could it be that Fleiss is a victim of old fashioned sexism in the wild west? Clip above.


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