Heidi And Spencer's Tiffany Registry Is Only The Tip Of Our Melting Arctic Absurdity Iceberg

Illustration for article titled Heidi And Spencers Tiffany Registry Is Only The Tip Of Our Melting Arctic Absurdity Iceberg

It was a "You think you know, but you have no idea" sort of day. For instance, I thought there was nothing classier than Rudy Giuliani's suggested $9.11 campaign donations, but then I saw Heidi and Spencer's wedding registry. Turns out there's actually a pair of salt and pepper shakers out there that'll set you back $425! Of course, for that price buy a laptop for yourself and some African school children, along with a $200 tax deduction, but really, what would be the point. The global labor redistribution/living-standard arbitrage behind the first American auto workers strike in three decades and the first Gucci store in India ever will just churn inexorably on; blah blah.

Intelligent women will continue to submit themselve to oh good god another slutty photo shoot for the sake of fame and career advancement; brave dissidents in poor countries you might never think to give a fuck about will continue to risk their lives to show up in holy-shit numbers and march for that nebulous privilege we call the "freedom" to listen to Ahmadinejad and O'Reilly and Chavez and assorted other charming lunatics who on a daily basis challenge the relevance of the Onion. And we have no idea what will become of the brave slutty-dressing civil disobedients of Saudi Arabia, which isn't as great for women as Iran; perhaps they'll be burned at the stake? And yeah, the terrorists will keep winning.

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that's just gross....i've tried to stop watching that show because i find the entire cast extremely disturbing...but yet i can't.

maybe it's because i grew up in small town in rural minnesota and never knew such people even existed...thanks MTV