Heather Mills' Insane Publicist Hits Internet, Goes On Attack

Heather Mills' eccentric publicist Michele Elyzabeth has started a video blog on which she posts weekly video rants — with the help of her lapdog Bijou and gay hairdresser David — attacking every tabloid, talk show, newspaper, web site, person, insect, mineral, what-have-you that says something negative about Heather. (You might remember Elyzabeth from her interview on Extra last year—a favorite of The Soup—when she expressed how appalling and unbelievable it was that Mills drove a PT Cruiser, considering how wealthy her husband is.) Anyway, the "vlog" is the best thing to happen in public relations in the history of the world. Really: It's like watching a Christopher Guest movie. Above is a clip of the first installment (the original is 20 minutes long) and first up for attack are the ladies of The View. Then she begins a rant about Perez Hilton, during which, her dog starts appropriately licking its crotch.

I love how even the dog seems to be questioning this strategy to get the public on Heather Mills' side.

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