Heather Johnston, one of the 19-year-old "Barbie Bandits" who took a Georgia-based Bank of America for $11,000 earlier this year, is going to the big house, despite the best efforts of her parents. During the sentencing the judge noted that she "was seen smiling during the theft," and we couldn't help but sympathize. Girlfriend just successfully robbed a bank. Of course she was fucking smiling! [CNN]


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I was in Atlanta on business when this happened. The girls waltz in, giggle, get money, waltz out, don't get caught for days. The girl could care less, but Mom is all over the news talking about what a great daughter/girl/friend/church attender her kid is, and how she is all but innocent, poor little thing just sort of kind of "made a bad choice" and shouldn't have to suffer or anything. After all, she only robbed a bank.