Heather "Dooce" Armstrong, "Hot Geek" Husband Are Absolutely Adorable

Heather B. Armstrong, aka Dooce — whom people persist in calling a "Mommy Blogger" even though she's so much more — was on Nightline last night, talking about her blog and her family. I particularly related to the sweet relationship between Heather and her husband, Jon, whom she calls a "hot geek." Jon talks about how when Heather first started the blog, he used to be really uncomfortable about her discussing their life. "I'm a more private person than Heather," Jon explains. But they clearly worked through it with grace, and now the blog is so successful that Jon works for Dooce. "I get to sleep with the boss legally!" Jon exclaims. Clip above.

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@ronniedobbs: Single & Childless fans check-in - Hear.

Chuck hooked me. I had to keep going back to see what more abuse he would be forced to suffer. It was the first time I've seen a dog forced to balance a treat and not be allowed to eat it.

I love the photography. I have a printed out copy of John's Photoshop tutorial for when I save the $$$ for the equipment. Their portraits are so good.

I like that Dooce approaches life and child-rearing like a normal person (or what a normal person should be like from my single and childless perspective). After all my friends, etc. went smug-mommy- she is refreshing. I read her cancer and depression posts and they resonated with me.

She isn't just a mommy blogger.