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Illustration for article titled Heartwarming?

You know, guys, how yesterday I said Louis Vuitton was worse than Monsanto? Well I was totally kidding in the first place, but I was especially kidding after I saw this famously multitasking LV ad lining the new issue of the Middle East arts/culture mag Bidoun, because among other things the new issue of Bidoun features an amazing piece on the heart surgery editor Lisa Farjam received when she was a three-year-old. Her mom, afraid to tell her why she needed to go to the hospital, instead told her she was receiving a surprise... Mr. Rogers! (Her mom had spent a year leaning on Fred Rogers to show up.) "He had perfect nails," she remembers. But the surprises kept coming! Click the ad to find out!

Illustration for article titled Heartwarming?

At the end of the story Lisa goes to get her navel pierced, and the piercing technician notices her scar, and turns out to be the nurse who assisted the operation. "Your parents are crazy!" he says.

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@bananastand: Seriously. I had the same initial reaction when he explained why he was wearing sneakers on the damn beach. It took at least 6 months for him to show them to me, and he finally did because I kept saying it wasn't possible. I don't know if all skin reacts the same way, or maybe just some particular parts?