Earlier this month, human Pez dispenser Perez Hilton leaked some shaky camera phone footage of the first trailer for the highly anticipated film adaptation of the musical Les Miserables starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway. But, as tends be the case with crappy leaked footage, it did not satisfy us. But the official trailer has now arrived giving us a much clearer insight as to what the movie will be like without having to visit Perez's website (though be warned: I, too, understand the value of drawing a dick on someone's face with MS Paint). And, hey, it looks awesome. Lovely ladies, Convict 24601, revolutionaries, a fugitive running (fallen from God, FALLLEEENNN FROM GRAAACE), etc., etc.


The ripped version of the trailer left us with some concern as to whether or not Anne Hathaway had the pipes to play Fantine, but this is...better, right? Right? I'm a terrible judge — I blacked out from excitement midway through the preview. All I know is that I came to behind a barricade made from my own furniture and a look at my YouTube history reveals that I watched "The Confrontation" 127 times. Please send help.