Hear Tavi Gevinson Sing Neil Young

Because it's a Wednesday, so why not? We already knew Tavi Gevinson could sing, but the 15-year-old editor-in-chief of Rookie — along with Kathy Bates and Christopher Lloyd — also voices a forthcoming animated short film called Cadaver. In one scene, her character sings Neil Young's "Heart of Gold," the favorite song of sensitive young people who sometimes have trouble with emotional directness. (Okay, second-favorite, after "Only Love Can Break Your Heart.") The 2-D short is apparently about an elderly cadaver (Lloyd) who comes back to life, seeking a last goodbye from his wife, as he's being dissected by medical students (one of whom is played by Gevinson). Here's the trailer.


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God, I wish people would stop fawning over her every fart.