The Healthy Child Healthy World Gala, held at Beverly Hills' Montage Hotel, was filled with healthy, nicely-dressed adults. And, of course, Ricki Lake.

Amy Smart looks simple. elegant and natural. And we're kind of in one of those periods where that's novel.

Let's just say it: Jessica Capshaw's dress is doing something very sinister to her breasts.


Ricki Lake's getup falls somewhere between Russian revolutionary and Andy Warhol's Factory. And yet is not cool. How is this possible?

The easy volume of Sheryl Crow's simple frock leads me to believe the food was both excellent and bountiful.


People/InStyle's Cyd Wilson does something that always confuses me: the partial-cover. If it's that cold, why not wear a sweater, too? It's like Indian summer upstairs, winter below.


Don't you kind of wish honoree Dr. Harvey Karp (with wife Nina) had sported an emerald shirt, for the Christmas Card Effect?

The rosette and the shoe add a not-displeasing hint of dowd to Jane Kaczmarek's classic benefit-wear.


James and Nancy Chuda are at home in the world, benefit circuit.


When your last name, like Anna's, is Getty, you know how to do the "I'm having fun but always keeping in mind why we're here" thing.

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