Headless Breasts Star in Charming Axe Commercial

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Last month, Axe launched a sophisticated new ad campaign called "Susan Glenn" that looked more like the sequel to Ruby Sparks than a commercial for a body spray most commonly found in sweaty Jersey Shore nightclubs and smelly middle school locker rooms.


But now, it looks like Axe is going back to its favored marketing strategy: boobs. Its new spot features a head of hair and a headless pair of breasts who fall in love at the office. Spoiler alert: they end up together, with the rest of their body parts coming along for the ride. "Hair. It's What Girls See First" is the kicker, which we assumed was because studies show that women (or, you know, girls, since most adults don't buy Axe) notice hair before anything else.

Honestly, we weren't all that offended by the ad, because people are attracted to other people's physical attributes when they first meet each other; that's just how it goes. However, when we Googled "Women notice a man's hair first," we didn't find anything substantial. And when we did actually discover a bunch of studies, we discovered that 74% of men notice a woman's hair before her breasts. In fact, 60% of men surveyed specifically said that "they would rather date a woman with great hair than a woman with big breasts."

We're onto you, Axe. Let's call a disembodied boob a disembodied boob.

Axe Gets Back to Being Axe in New Spot With Headless Pair of Breasts [AdWeek]


Pink Everlasting

well, trouble is, if you just had disembodied hair for both, it would not be obvious which is men's hair and which is women's hair, considering that a lot of hairstyles are pretty androgynous. I'm guessing that this wasn't so much sexist, as it was an attempt to pick an attribute that is uniquely feminine. Eyes can't be uniquely feminine, neither can lips, noses, etc. etc. etc.

So, it was either a vagina or breasts.