Headdesk-y Miss USA Contestant Can't Name a Positive Female Role Model

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Wanna hear something bananas? A contestant at this weekend's Miss USA Pageant (A.K.A. The Susan B. Anthony Consortium for High-Minded Ladies) was asked a question about positive depictions of women in pop culture and ended up saying something dumb. Can we continue or was your computer totally ruined by your surprised spit take?


When asked by judge Marilu Henner (of Taxi fame) whether or not women on TV and in movies were depicted in a positive and accurate way, contestant Audrey Bolte (Miss Ohio) responded "I think it depends on the movie. I think there are some movies that depict women in a very positive role, and then some movies that put them in a little bit more of negative role. But by the end of the movie, they show that woman power that I know we all have. Such as the movie Pretty Woman. We had a wonderful, beautiful woman, Julia Roberts, and she was having a rough time, but, you know what, she came out on top and she didn't let anybody stand in her path."

Oh, Miss Ohio. If you don't recall, Pretty Woman is the story of a hooker with a heart of gold whose problems are completely solved after she meets and falls in love with a wealthy business man, proving, once and for all, that even the worst of situations can be solved if the right guy's got an eye for you. He might even talk you out of moving to San Francisco and getting your GED because who needs a diploma when you can instead get your MRS?


Perhaps more offensive than Bolte's terrible example of a positive female role model is that she, a 23-year-old woman, could not think of a more recent movie reference than Pretty Woman, which came out in 19-fucking-90. If you're going to be ignorant, fine, but, please, at least try to be relevant about it.

Miss Ohio Cites 'Pretty Woman' As Positive Image Of Women [News 5]
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I watched "Pretty Woman" when it came out, and yes, like the rest of the world in the early 90's, I thought it was sweet and romantic and was enthralled with Julia's laugh and long legs and flowing red locks...

Watched it again last year, and it was the creepiest shit ever. EVER. The part where Richard Gere chastises her for sitting on a table made my skin crawl. UGH.